About MPM business navigators


MPM business navigators is a solid partnership of independent senior project and interim managers with many experience in the process and manufacturing industry. We are result-oriented and inspire our clients with appealing solutions.


Complexity is a given in the tech industry. If you want to be successful on a lasting basis, you must embrace that complexity. We add value to this with our knowledge and experience, our ‘can do’ mentality and the ability to create connections.


For over twenty years we have been helping our clients to get a grip on complexity. With every project, we build a foundation for the future together with the employees of our clients.

MPM Partners

"I’m quick to see right to the core of the problem that I’ve been hired to tackle"
"I take responsibility, build trust and achieve results"
"I’m a quick decision maker determined and straight to the point"
"I provide security in change processes"
"I spend time on finding out what motivates people at the personal level"
"I like to bring people with me in a change process that is based on persuasion"
"I like to identify problems and I’m very results-oriented."
"My strength is producing a clear roadmap of what you should be doing, when and how"
"I get along well with people at all levels in the company"
"I like organizing to accelerate"
"An action plan is always based on thorough analysis."
"It's fantastic to get people and organizations moving"
"I want to inspire and energise people, and I actively promote cooperation"
"My dedication and motivation mean that I can bring the people in your team together"
"Really listening, keeping what is good and improving what can be done better. That’s how I serve the client’s needs."
"I help the partners by doing administrative and secretarial tasks"
"No project is complete unless the stakeholders have been brought together"
"I want to set complex situations in motion"
"Everyone in a project plays a vital role; but everyone’s role is different"