Marcel van der Hart

Enthusiasm and determination

"I’ve seen through many successful projects in my career. In the steel industry, but also in the railway sector. And I always work with enthusiasm. That's in my DNA, just like my perseverance."

"As a project manager, you will inevitably come up against setbacks and resistance. I see that as a challenge that you have to handle constructively. I’m more than capable of handling a few surprises – including the unpleasant ones. In every process, I assess the risks and then work to reduce those wherever possible."

"I always start a project by listening calmly to what the various parties involved have to say. What are their concerns? How do they think things are going? What could become a source of resistance? By engaging in a dialogue and, above all, by listening carefully, I can quickly get a sense of where things stand. I look for what will motivate people, so that we can harness people’s intrinsic motivations in order to help the project succeed."
"I spend time on finding out what motivates people at the personal level"
"I like organizing to accelerate"