Emile Baltussen

Getting to grips with complex situations quickly

What motivates me is helping organisations to improve their performance and to maintain those improvements. It’s always a combination of focus, fun, discipline and support. That means focusing on what motivates people as individuals, and taking feedback seriously. That’s a challenge I’ve been enjoying at MPM ever since I joined on 1 May 2016.

"Once I’ve set the goals together with the client, I like to use performance indicators to measure progress in a SMART way. That takes discipline. I think it’s important to make clear agreements right at the start, including allocating responsibilities properly within the project team."

"I’m not daunted by complex situations. I’ve learned that I’m able to see very quickly which interventions are needed and how we should implement them. For me it's the results that are important. If there are things in the team that are a distraction from that, I won’t hesitate to speak to the people involved. And once we get a little closer to achieving a result, I like to celebrate the team’s successes. But in that single-minded pursuit of results, I also like to focus on the human factor, personalisation and quality"

"I like organizing to accelerate"