Anita Oosterbeek

Create trust and make the most of common ground

"I have a no-nonsense approach, taking responsibility, building trust and achieving results."

"How I approach a project and a team will depend entirely on the project and the client. I like to work in a structured way. Making progress towards results with a no-nonsense approach. For me it’s very important to build trust. To take responsibility for my actions and, above all, to be honest. With that approach, I listen with empathy to the client's brief."

"Every organisation will have various stakeholders with specific interests. I try to get the best out of everybody involved. The challenge for me is to find where those different interests overlap and align. Once you have done that, the project will be a success story for everyone. That’s when you can create truly broad support. As a business navigator (I became a partner on 1 November 2016), I always want to bring my clients together. And show them they’re in capable hands."
"I’m a quick decision maker determined and straight to the point"
"I get along well with people at all levels in the company"
"I want to inspire and energise people, and I actively promote cooperation"
"I help the partners by doing administrative and secretarial tasks"