Gerrit Klein

Making sure everybody can make their contribution

"As a project manager, I get along well with people at all levels in the company. When it comes to implementing strategic plans in the workplace, that’s essential."

"It’s always a wonderful challenge for me to connect the right talents with the right people. You need to win the client's confidence to do that, and that’s more likely if you have a proven track record than if you’re a novice. I really enjoy making sure that everybody can achieve their potential and contribute the skills that they have to offer."

"There are a lot of people who have all the right knowledge. But in practice not all of them will know how to apply it effectively. It all has to start by listening carefully. As a founder of MPM and a ‘father figure’ – I’ve been here since 1 January 1999 – I’ve learned an awful lot during my years here. By listening carefully, I can link people’s talents in the workplace with my own MPM expertise in such a way that the sum is greater than the parts. This synergy means we can identify the right approach and make the project a success."
"I want to inspire and energise people, and I actively promote cooperation"
"My strength is producing a clear roadmap of what you should be doing, when and how"
"Everyone in a project plays a vital role; but everyone’s role is different"
"I help the partners by doing administrative and secretarial tasks"