Charles van der Splinter

Enabling breweries to do what they were intended for

"I’m a quick decision maker. Determined and straight to the point. I know where I’m going, what I’m doing. That’s essential for the specialist work that I do for breweries around the world."

"Breweries around the world ask me to optimise their processes, or to automate them completely. I can implement a project like that for the client independently, without any supervision. My proven track record gives me that confidence. I make sure that production figures make the grade once again. And that the installation does the job it was built to do."

"I like to use my specialist expertise for clients in the brewing sector. To show them that their installation could be a lot more productive by making process improvements. And that they can solve their problems for good by bringing skills together. I have a long track record and extensive expertise, which I deploy on behalf of the client. I’ve been a partner at MPM since January 2008."
"I like to identify problems and I’m very results-oriented."
"I get along well with people at all levels in the company"
"My strength is producing a clear roadmap of what you should be doing, when and how"
"I spend time on finding out what motivates people at the personal level"