Palsgaard Netherlands doubles capacity

Palsgaard is an international player in the world of emulsifiers and stabilizers. The company is headquartered in East Jutland, Denmark. MPM’er Gerrit Klein is supervising the doubling of capacity at the factory in Zierikzee. Gerrit: “That is more than just copying what Palsgaard has been doing in Zierikzee for many years.”

High ambition, low footprint

Four reactors produce chocolate emulsifiers on the Palsgaard site in Zierikzee. On its own website, Palsgaard calls these ‘the hidden ingredients that turn everyday foods into extraordinary products’. Emulsifiers ensure that water and fats can mix. The ambition of the Danish company is high. The footprint is as low as possible. Palsgaard’s website again: ‘All our emulsifier solutions are produced in CO2-neutral factories. We are proud to have already achieved our 2020 target of carbon neutral production in the calendar year 2018 – two years ahead of schedule.”

Doubling task

Gerrit Klein: “The factory that was built in Zierikzee twenty years ago because the old one no longer offered enough capacity is now too small again. The doubling task is used to modernize production methods, to produce smarter and to gain even better control of product quality. Permits are required for new construction. I’m working on that. I am also looking for the right parties who can play a role in the design and implementation of this beautiful project.”

Good atmosphere, short lines

Various elements make Gerrit Klein enthusiastic about this project. “Palsgaard is a Danish company with a foundation form. A company that takes good care of its employees. It is therefore not surprising that the turnover is very small. People want to work at Palsgaard. The atmosphere is good and the lines are short. That appeals to me.” This unique project challenges you to dare to go off the beaten track. “Of course I want to get those employees on board with this. A lot is going to change for them. It is my job to inspire and enthuse them.”

High temperatures

What also appeals to him is the industry. “When you think of chocolate, you naturally think of food. But the production of emulsifiers takes place at very high temperatures. That makes it more of a chemical process than a food process. That combination of chemistry and foods is very fascinating. I have gained experience in both the process industry and the food industry. Here they come together.”

All business levels

MPM stands for a can-do mentality, for a focus on results, for connecting and inspiring project management. Gerrit Klein can express all these core values in his project at Palsgaard. “That ‘can do’ is of course in our DNA. It is great fun to convey that to others. I have regular contact with stakeholders in Denmark. If they ask whether I can deliver what I promise for the budget they have made available, then it is up to me to get them on board. We aim for a good result and this requires inspiring and connecting project management at all business levels. That is what challenges me, what I like to do, up to and including the implementation of the project.”