Sander Puttenstein new MPM partner

A man with many qualities. This is how Sander Puttenstein qualifies without further ado. Since September 1, he has been the youngest partner within MPM Business Navigators at the age of 36. An introduction to a husband, father, drummer and triathlon athlete who is not afraid of complex business situations and who successfully manages to get things moving in stuck processes.

Sports and music

He is married and the father of three daughters. Sander Puttenstein divides his free time between his family, sports and music. “I do indeed do a lot of sports. For example, I did a triathlon last week. And as far as the music is concerned: as a drummer I am active in various compositions where I think it is important to make a social contribution by making music.”

Leadership positions

Sander Puttenstein’s professional background lies in mechanical engineering and technical business administration. “Almost immediately after my training, I held all kinds of leading positions in mechanical engineering. In addition to my work, I completed a Masters in Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam. In recent years I have specialized in supply chain management and organizational psychology.”


“If I look at my career so far, transitions are a common thread. Within organizations you sometimes have to deal with change processes that require more than change management. With change management it is clear that the organization has to get from A to B. For me, a project only becomes more challenging if B is not yet clear or if we do not yet know which intermediate steps will take us to the end goal. You know that you need each other in that transition. That the change process is multidisciplinary and transcends departments.”

Solving difficult puzzles

Sander Puttenstein brings great analytical skills to MPM. “I can solve difficult puzzles in a short time. What makes MPM so attractive to me is the no-nonsense and hands-on mentality of the partners. This ties in with how I like to be very pragmatic for clients. I also think it is a great advantage that as a collective of partners you can share experiences and learn from them.

Movement in complex situations

MPM Business Navigators promises clients to quickly get a grip on complex situations. That also appeals to Sander. “When MPM was not yet in my mind, it was already my drive to get moving in a pragmatic way in complex situations. This therefore fits in perfectly with MPM’s brand promise.”