• Smart strategic insight
  • A hands-on mentality
  • A flair of solving problems


MPM Business Navigators

A proven track record of over twenty years


As business navigators, we are right at home in the engineering sector. We have over twenty years of experience. When it comes to initiating and implementing change and then embedding that change, our track record is second to none. We have the very latest knowledge of management techniques as well as a wealth of management expertise in the technology and engineering sectors.

Your challenge, our management expertise

Your organisation has a challenge for which you are willing to hire an external manager. But you need your problem to be fixed. That professional needs to be able to make a real difference, and to take care of everything for you. That’s where we at MPM come in. Whether as an individual business navigator, or as a team finding solutions to a combination of challenges, we can turn your strategy into a success.

From a strategy on the drawing board to ‘up and running’


You may have a strategy that needs to be turned into a reality, such as expanding your production, improving your supply chain, or updating your process automation to achieve higher efficiency. Maybe even setting up a completely new brewery. MPM has a wealth of expertise to offer when it comes to translating comprehensive strategic objectives into actual operations. And in many areas across the engineering sector.

Experts on your side

Our expertise means we understand your strategic goals. We know what your company needs to make your project a success. Allow us to be the experts on your side, combining all the right expertise with an unrivalled flair for solving problems. When it comes to quality, technology, purchasing, organisation and production, we have proven ourselves time and again. MPM Business Navigators has just one result in mind: the successful completion of your project.

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