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  • We offer solution-oriented advice
  • We connect our skills


We have been proving ourselves for fifteen years


As business navigators we feel at home in the Technical Industry. We have been doing it for fifteen years already and have proven our abilities in the  initiation, implementation and guarantee of change. We have perfected the technology of management and have an enormous amount of experience in the managment of technology.

Senior management expertise

for your problem


As problem owner within the engineering industry you are prepared to get in an external manager. Your problem should then be solved. It’s therefore important that the hired professional should make the difference and unburden you of all worries. MPM does both. We can be of use to you as individual business navigator or collectively in the solution of a set of tasks.

  • MPM shares expertise with students from TU Delft

    MPM shares expertise with students from TU Delft


    Recently our business navigator Anton Paardekooper has been sharing his extensive MPM experience with students. He does so as a guest lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. . "The four-hour group sessions are intense, but thanks to the excellent interaction afterwards I am fully mentally recharged.”



MPM translates your strategic task to surgery

It may be necessary for you to achieve a strategic task. For example, a production expansion, an improvement of the supply chain, a renewal of the process automation to achieve higher efficiency or even the implementation of a completely new brewery. MPM has a rich expertise in the realization of comprehensive strategic objectives in many areas within the Technology industry.

Senior sparring partner

Maintenance (copy)Thanks to our expertise we are able to understand your strategic objectives. We know what your project requires to succeed.  As your senior sparring partner we are able to connect skills using our extensive problem solving abilities. We have a proven performance in areas of quality, engineering/technology, purchasing, organization and production. MPM Business Navigators get results: the realization of your project.


Advanced technology

Working for a multinational in advanced technology, MPM managed to develop a whole new system. From product design to the start up of mass production.


MPM closely assists Heineken worldwide in the startup of breweries. We know the technology and procedures. We can deal with cultural differences.


MPM managed to raise the department Maintenance @ Reliability Cargill Refined Oils Europe to a higher level in ten months. An overspend of 20 percent was reduced to 0.