Emile Baltussen

Understands complex situations quickly


_DSC0387Emile"My passion is helping organizations to achieve an enduring improvement. to create focus, fun, discipline and a firm basis. I pay attention to the personal motivation of people and take feedback seriously. This I have done with great pleasure since 1st May 2016 at MPM. "

"When I set goals with the client, I like working with SMART performance indicators to measure progress. Discipline is necessary for this. It is important to create clear agreements from the start including the delegation of tasks within the project. "

"I'm not afraid of complex situations. I have proved that I can quickly understand what interventions are needed and how they should be carried out. It's about the result. If there are distractions within the team I do not hesitate to talk to the people involved. When we succeed in making a step towards our goal I like to celebrate this success with the team. With this firm approach to focusing on the result I don’t forget the  human factor, tailored solutions and the quality within the process."

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