Charles van der Splinter

Allows breweries to do what they were intended to do


_DSC1186Charles"I'm a quick decision maker. On the Insights Discovery Wheel I veer very much towards red. I know what I am doing. This is essential in the worldwide brewery industry in which I specialize. "

Optimize processes
"Breweries ask me to optimize processes worldwide and to completely automate them. I do this independently for the client with no outside control. I have earned that confidence thanks to my track record. I make sure that production figures reach the expected levels again and that the installation once more does the task for which it was built. "

"I gladly use my specialist knowledge to help a client in the brewing industry. I show him that his brewery plant can produce much more through better processing. I show him that his problem can be permanently resolved by bringing skills together. I make the difference for him  on the basis of my long track record  and huge amount of expertise. Since 1st January 2008 I have been a partner at MPM."

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Charles van der Splinter
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