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Quickly provides clarity about the implications involved


999999999.20170410144130990.999999999.20170410144130990CvG0i" I know what the critical success factors are for an operational manager. I try to implement them at all times.  Sincerity, loyalty and honesty. "

Critical succes factors
"I joined MPM on 1st January 2003 and have mainly been concerned with project management.  Based on years of accumulated expertise I can quickly recognize the crux of the problem for which I have been hired. Sometimes even before the client does. I provide guidance in this process . In this way I fulfill my navigational role. The crucial factors for success set by the client determine the implementation of the project. "

Provide clarity quickly
" I know all operational departments within the Technology Industry,. I know what is important for an operational manager. He needs to be clear in a short time about what the project will mean for his department. He needs to know, for example, where changes are necessary to improve efficiency. I then offer assistance with no hidden agenda or conflict of interest. I operate as transparently as possible. "

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