Evert-Jan Nieuwkerk

Allows people to work together with conviction



"As a sherpa does, so I too can bring my client to greater heights. By thinking out of the box within existing structures I am able to bring off a project for which my client lacks the necessary qualified people."

"In such an assignment you draw up a plan of what is necessary to achieve the objective. For that you need to develop an organizational plan, a project plan and the steps needed to be taken. You then create the processes necessary to execute it. I have been a partner since 18th December 2000 and my added value as a business navigator is that I can identify clearly what you needs to be done when and how to do it."

"You can’t do anything alone in this world. After you have set a goal, its realization requires the connection of various disciplines and expertise. This always requires working with people. It is really worth stimulating, guiding and enthusing people in such a way that they do what is expected of them with conviction. Needless to say the client should expect this from me as a business navigator."


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