Evert-Jan Nieuwkerk

Get people working together with conviction



"Like a Sherpa, I can guide my client to higher ground. By creating something new, inside or outside the existing structures, when the client doesn’t have the right people in house."

"In that kind of project, you have to identify what is needed to achieve the objective that has been set. You develop the right organisation, the right plan and you decide what action is needed. Then you create the processes required and you implement them. I have been a partner since 18 December 2000, and my added value as a business navigator is that I can map out what needs to be done transparently, and exactly how to achieve it for the client."

"You can’t achieve anything in the world alone. Once you’ve set your goal, achieving it means bringing in all kinds of different specialisms and expertise. I always work with people. It’s important to persuade, manage and enthuse those people, so that they can make their contribution and commit themselves to the project. That’s what clients can expect from me as a business navigator."


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