Erik Woerdeman

Brings people from different cultures together


_DSC0242ErikMP-M"I find the personal touch important. I am always dealing with people. They should be the ones to achieve a significant part of the success."

"I'm open, transparent and fair. I like to identify the problems as they are and am very results-oriented. That's why I like to use my people skills to create common ground in a project. Through my years of experience in the automotive industry I quickly see what steps are necessary to make a project successful. I have used that expertise since 1st April 2011 as a partner of MPM."

"The automotive industry is international. People from different cultures converge here. As a business navigator I connect skills by getting these people from different countries and cultures to work together to achieve the hoped for success of a project. With my personal approach I make sure that people - wherever they come from - want to make the project work."

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Erik Woerdeman
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