Jan Visser

Result-orientated and focussed on my team

Jan Visser - staand"In my work as a project manager, I am results-oriented and have an eye for my people. I feel very senang in a technical environment where we can get tangible, relevant results. How can things get a little better today? What steps can we take to do that now? Why should we put off those steps until tomorrow?"

"If people say: that's an unachievable goal, they haven't found the solution yet. We will then look for it together. So where are the bottlenecks? How can we remove them?"

"If people think too much within a narrow framework, as a manager I have the coaching role to remove or broaden that framework. If necessary, I can also steer or target them. As a manager you need both qualities. The trick is to use all the team members or have them work together in such a way that everyone comes into their own and the team as a whole operates strongly. In short, my role as project manager is to organize in order to accelerate."


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