Erik Oortwijn

Never forget the human factor

"My strength is winning people over and convincing them of the need for change and improvement."

"That means never forgetting the human factor. It means being able to listen, observe and reflect. In the past I’ve worked as a line manager and a project manager. But no matter what the role is, it’s always about leading a group of people. My aim is to implement change for and with that group of people. You embark on a process together. It’s my role to bring in all the people inside that group and to get them engaged. There could be resistance among some of them. But the last thing I want is to impose my will on them by force. My priority is to invest time and attention, and to convince people – using reasoned arguments."

"I’ve gained extensive experience in the chemicals industry and the oil and gas industry. And now I’m bringing that experience to bear with MPM Business Navigators. The same goes for my expertise in change and contract management."