Vincent Klein Koerkamp

You can achieve so much through good communication

"To make a success of a project, you need everybody on board. But everyone plays a different role. As a project manager I’m pragmatic and hands-on. It’s always good to roll up your sleeves when it’s needed. Anything to help move the project along."

"Because everyone has their own vital role to play, I want to involve all my people from the very beginning. I do that by focusing on the goals that we are all working towards. That takes a joint effort. Often, there’s a fixed deadline. Together we have to make sure that that deadline will be met. We do this by focusing on intermediate milestones. Everybody has their own deadlines and responsibilities."

"I try to make sure there is a bedrock of trust with my employees. If people need help because they can’t find a way forward, they should be communicating this. It’s all about communication. Communication is always the oil on the wheels of any project."