Martin van der Kamp

Looking for connections at every level



"I like to look for connections with clients and their stakeholders. Because if those connections aren’t there, there can be no sense of satisfaction. That’s a basic fact for me."

"I grew up in a technical environment. I’ve been a business navigator since 1 May 2016, combining that world with my management and interpersonal skills. That’s a combination that I’m happy to draw on for my clients. At every level. If you lose the connection with just one of those levels, your whole project could fall apart. So I’m continuously looking for a consensus with all stakeholders."

"The added value of MPM is in the way it combines seniority and a sense of the collective. We have more than just one really strong professional to offer, because as business navigators we have regular opportunities to talk things through together and inspire each other. When people really connect with their colleagues, their work, their clients, it has a huge positive impact on their job satisfaction and their own sense of satisfaction. And that’s a universal principle that I try to apply in all my management projects."


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