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_DSC1148Martinopstoel"I like to look for connections. With clients and their stakeholders. If there is no connection, there is no satisfaction. To me that's a universal truth."

"I grew up in a technically oriented environment. From 1st May 2016 I have, as business navigator, combined this environment with my management and interpersonal skills. I like to make use of these combinations with the client. At all levels. If any of those levels disappear the project will very likely fall apart. So I strive continuously to reach a consensus with all stakeholders."

"The added value of MPM in this process is the combination of seniority and collectivity. We offer more than just a really good one-man band, because we as business navigators can discuss with each other. When people have a connection with their colleagues, their work and  their customers  they are able to reap satisfaction and joy from that job. This is a universal principle upheld in all my management tasks."

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