Loek Wisseborn

Setting ambitious goals and inspiring confidence



"By inspiring people, encouraging them, promoting cooperation and giving them confidence, often you can achieve something really valuable that helps you solve a problem or make improvements in the organisation."

"I’ve been a partner at MPM since 1 January 2012. Being a business navigator means being independent and steering clients towards success. Based on my expertise, I identify where the priorities should be, without being too distant from the project or the client. As the process goes on, I become less of a navigator and Sherpa – I instead fulfil the role of coach and process supervisor who ultimately makes sure that other people no longer need him."

"I really commit to an organisation. People are often surprised to find out that I’m not a permanent staff member. My motivation and involvement are highly valued. I try to see what is possible within an organisation. That’s what sets me apart. Your problem is my problem. After that it’s about setting achievable, ambitious goals together. And then giving others the confidence that allows them to achieve great things."

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