Loek Wisseborn

Sets ambitious goals and gives people confidence


_DSC0582Loek"By making people enthusiastic, encouraging them, seeking cooperation and giving them confidence often something magnificent evolves that contributes to the solution of the problem or an organizational innovation."

"Since 1st January 2012 I have been a partner at MPM. I am a business navigator and so an independent guide to success.  Using my expertise as a basis I look to see where the priorities should lie, without removing myself from the client or task in hand. As the project progresses I become less of a navigator, or sherpa, and more coach and facilitator who eventually makes himself superfluous."

"I am involved in an organization. People are often surprised that I'm interim manager. My motivation and commitment are highly valued. I look at what is possible within an organization. That distinguishes me. Your problem is my problem. In addition I put together realistic, ambitious goals with the people in the organization. This gives them the confidence to believe that their achievements are worthwhile."

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