Joris Barendregt

Analyzes thoroughly and then presses ahead


_DSC0480Joris"Based on thorough analysis, I come up with a plan that inspires people and gives them confidence in a good result."

"Especially in the beginning of a process, it is essential to listen and analyze. Thereby, of course I make use of my own product, industry and market knowledge. I don’t introduce these immediately. At first I simply observe. What are the different agendas within an organization? What are the similarities and where are the possibilities for collaboration?"

"The client wants a quick solution. That puts pressure on the process. I can handle this pressure well. By taking time for a thorough analysis I can present a plan that is supported as much as possible by all stakeholders and works inspiringly throughout the different layers of the organization. Since 1st May 2016 I offer added value to my clients as a member of MPM."

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Joris Barendregt
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