Joris Barendregt

Thorough analysis, and then down to work



"Based on thorough analysis, I come up with an action plan that inspires people and gives them confidence about a good result."

"Especially at the start of a process, it is essential to listen and to analyse. Of course I have a lot of product, industry and market knowledge. But that only comes in later. To begin with, it’s mainly about observation. What are the different agendas within the organisation? Where are the pinch points and where are the opportunities to achieve synergy?"

"The client wants a quick solution and that means there’s pressure to perform. I can handle that pressure. By taking the time to carry out a thorough analysis, I can present an action plan that has as much support as possible from all stakeholders, and that has an inspiring effect across the different layers of the organisation. I’ve been with MPM since 1 May 2016, adding value for my clients in this way."

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