Joop van Cuijk

Links the experience available to his own expertise



"I listen well and focus on the expertise within an organization. Using this as a basis I do what I have been asked to do."

"I often come across projects that have to be delivered “turnkey”. But it rapidly turns out that the key is lost. Everyone is pointing the finger at each other. I insist that a project should be a priority for all stakeholders from start to finish. Only then can it go well. As a business navigator working as a partner witht MPM since 1st November 2004 I have been able to demonstrate my abilities."

"I like to use the experience that exists within the company. The problem owner should always be able to find something of his own ideas reflected in my proposal. That gives a good foundation. We then work with all the stakeholders on the basis of my proposal to achieve a great result. Within the prescribed period and within the available budget."


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Joop van Cuijk
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