Jeroen Kroese

Getting people involved in a change process



"I’ve been a partner at MPM since 1 January 2008. I only work on projects that are the right fit for me. I need to have the right feeling about it. It has to be completely clear what the client and I expect from each other. From there, I like to use a certain freedom of action to help make the project a success. Based on a thorough analysis, I map out a clear course, make specific plans and get down to work."

"I enjoy working with people. I want to get them involved in the change process. I want to be able to explain exactly what the destination is and how we’re going to get there. And I want to persuade them to commit to achieving those changes. That may sound idealistic, but that's the only way to achieve hard results. I love it when I achieve rock-solid results with a team. That my team and I created something that the client can continue to build on."


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