Jeroen Kroese

Incorporates people in the process of change


_DSC0527JeroenMP-M"I have been an MPM partner since 1st January 2008. An assignment needs to be a good match. I need to have a good feeling about it. It must be absolutely clear what the client and I can expect from each other. Based on this I prefer to have a certain amount of freedom in order to make the assignment a success.  On the basis of a thorough analysis, I define a clear course, make concrete plans and get to work."

"I like working with people. I want them to join me in the change process and want to explain clearly what our goal is and how we will get there. I want to convince them and involve them in the process. That might sound soft but that’s the way to achieve the hard results. I love it when myself and my team achieve a a really solid result, a result upon which the client can build."

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Jeroen Kroese
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