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_DSC0437Gerrit"As a project manager with more of a coaching style I can deal well with people at all levels of the company. This is necessary for strategic plans to be successful in the workplace."

"For me it is a great challenge to always connect the right skills to the right people. For this you need the client’s trust. They are more likely tohave confidence in a senior expert with proven skills than a novice. It's great to ensure that people with their own particular skills really come into their own during the work process."

"There are many educated people but not all of them are wise. It starts with listening properly. In the years since 1st January 1999 when I, as pater familias, founded MPM, I have learned a great deal. By listening well I can connect the skills of people in the workplace seamlessly to my MPM expertise in such a way that one plus one becomes three. Within this synergy we can then assess what the right approach is to make the project a success."


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