Our team

Ad van den Bovenkamp
Ad van den Bovenkamp +31 6 25063225

"I quickly get to the core of the problem for which I have been hired."

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Anita Oosterbeek
Anita Oosterbeek +31 6 49691371

"I take responsibility for my actions, create trust and go for results."

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Charles van der Splinter
Charles van der Splinter +31 6 51799097

"I’m a quick decision maker. On the Insights Discovery Wheel I veer very much towards red."

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Emile Baltussen
Emile Baltussen +31 6 29038267

"I pay special attention to personal motivation."

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Erik Oortwijn
Erik Oortwijn +31 6 12312008
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Erik Woerdeman
Erik Woerdeman +31 6 14455201

"I like to identify the problems as they are and am very results-oriented."

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Evert-Jan Nieuwkerk
Evert-Jan Nieuwkerk +31 6 21281803

"I identify clearly what needs to be done when and how to do it."

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Gerrit Klein
Gerrit Klein +31 6 55112606

"I can deal well with people at all levels of the company."

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Jeroen Kroese
Jeroen Kroese +31 6 12657313

"I achieve progress by convincing people of my approach."

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Joop van Cuijk
Joop van Cuijk +31 6 30012954

"I focus on the expertise within an organization."

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Joris Barendregt
Joris Barendregt +31 6 46205379

"A plan of action is always based on a thorough analysis."

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Loek Wisseborn
Loek Wisseborn +31 6 22492150

"I like to inspire people and seek cooperation within a team."

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Marcel van der Hart
Marcel van der Hart +31 6 47144069
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Martin van der Kamp
Martin van der Kamp +31 6 24542129

"Without communication between clients and stakeholders nobody is satisfied."

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Marcel Veldhuis
Marcel Veldhuis +31 6 823 00 226
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Marianne Klein
Marianne Klein +31 6 21277737

"I assist the partners with administrative and secretarial tasks."

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Vincent Klein Koerkamp
Vincent Klein Koerkamp +31 6 54992099
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