A variety of management specialties

in one team

MPM Business Navigators helps you effectively translate your strategic objectives to operational implementation. Depending on the situation we will use interim managers, programme and / or project managers. We can offer the management style that fits your organization. Each individual business navigator can always rely on the specific skills of fellow partners if and when your project requires it.  In this way our team of independent partners can offer your organisaton significant added value.

Interim management

You suddenly need a replacement manager. You are looking for an interim manager who can  temporarily solve your capacity problems. At MPM Business Navigators you're at the right address.

MPM ‘s interim manager will bring his seniority and years of expertise  to  your organization. He is the sparring partner you need who is immediately able to give you confidence in a good result. Using his market and industry knowledge he analyzes the task with which he is faced. He strips the complex situations down to the bare essentials and pragmatically establishes priorities.. He solves the problem and embeds the solution firmly into your organization.

Program management

The translation of some strategic tasks to the workplace cause a lot of headaches and require exclusive concentration on the core business. You therefore decide to recruit an external programme manager. The complexity requires a professional with a wealth of expertise. Exactly the quality that distinguishes an MPM business navigator.
The MPM programme manager takes all of your worries out of your hands. He takes care of your large scale or in-depth operation in a practical way and keeps the focus on implementation. He does this using a thorough programme plan, phased implementation, practical reports, good communication and strategically chosen decision moments. During a radical process of change he is able to assist in mental or emotional support.

Project management

It may be that you would like to give form and content to a project, but are not able to free up management capacity within your organization. As previously shown an experienced Project Manager from MPM Business Navigators can completely relieve you of your burden.
He analyzes the situation on which the project is based. He clearly defines the problem and writes a SMART action plan. Thereby he takes your goals and the interests of the stakeholders into account. Thanks to a wealth of expertise and seniority he is able to quickly settle in to your organization. Throughout the project, he keeps in touch with all levels within your organization. He draws up realistic expectations and lives up to those expectations. He ensures maximum return on all investments so that efficiency and productivity improve.

Installation management

MPM has a wide network of skilled installation managers. Do you have a project involving the installation of new equipment that needs to be steered in the right direction? Are you looking for someone who has extensive experience in this field and is able to cooperate closely with the projectmanager? These professionals seem to be increasingly scarce. You need look no further. Please contact us. We can guarantee the quality of our installation managers within our network.


Are you looking for one of the management specialties that MPM Business Navigators has to offer?  Then please contact us. At short notice we can arrange for the necessary capacity within our company.