Multiple management specialties in a single team

MPM Business Navigators will help you translate your strategy into an operational reality. Depending on the situation, we can use interim management, programme management and/or project management to do this. We can give you the management style that suits your organisation. Each individual business navigator can always rely on the specific quality signature of fellow associates whenever this is required for your project. Our team of independent partners gives you significant added value.

Interim management

All of a sudden, you find yourself in need of a replacement manager. You want an interim manager who can solve your temporary capacity problem. With MPM Business Navigators, you’re in the right place.

The MPM interim manager will bring all his/her authority and years of expertise to your organisation. He/she will be your sparring partner, and right away you can feel confident of a good result. Using his/her market and sector knowledge, the interim manager will analyse the project, cut through the complexity and identify the right priorities in a no-nonsense manner. He/she will resolve the problem and embed the solution in your organisation.

Programme management

Translating some strategies into the reality of the workplace can be a big headache and demand a lot of focus and attention. That’s when you may decide to hire an external programme manager to take care of it for you. Complex challenges demand a professional with a wealth of expertise. That’s exactly the quality that distinguishes a business navigator from MPM.

An MPM programme manager can relieve you of a lot of those worries. He/she will take care of your large-scale or in-depth operational project in a practical and implementation-oriented way. He/she will do this based on a robust programme plan, phased implementation, practical reports, a good communication plan and strategically timed decision-making. The MPM programme manager will be able to support people through a far-reaching process, both mentally and emotionally.

Project management

You may need to focus on a particular project, but you may not have enough management capacity within your organisation to do this. An experienced project manager from MPM Business Navigators can handle it for you, giving you the benefit of his/her proven track record at the same time.

The MPM project manager will analyse the situation underlying the project. He/she will explore the problem in detail and draw up a SMART action plan. Your goals and objectives will be central, as well as the interests of the stakeholders. His/her experience and expertise will enable the project manager to adapt quickly to your organisation. Throughout the project, the project manager will maintain excellent working relations across all levels within your organisation. He/she will create realistic expectations and deliver on them. He/she will ensure that all investments yield the maximum return, and that efficiency and productivity improve.

Installation management

MPM has a wide network of skilled installation managers. Do you have a project that requires the installation of new equipment that needs to be managed expertly? Are you looking for someone who has extensive experience in this area and can work constructively with the project manager? Professionals like these seem to be increasingly hard to find. But your search can end here. Please contact us. We guarantee the quality of all the installation managers in our network.

Please contact us

Do you need one of the management specialties of MPM Business Navigators? Please contact us. We will look at whether we can free up some capacity within our company in the short term.


Are you looking for one of the management specialties that MPM Business Navigators has to offer?  Then please contact us. At short notice we can arrange for the necessary capacity within our company.