Asset management is profitable

Nobody wants an unplanned stop in production. In a major food producer MPM implemented an asset management system that led to less frustration and a profit.


In Asia they trust MPM

BrouwerijenFor Heineken MPM supervised the construction of a brewery in Myanmar (Burma). The cultural differences are deeper than one might think at first glance.  Our business navigator can deal with this.


European or Chinese machinery

MPM supervised the construction of a Heineken brewery in China. We did research on the competitiveness of Chinese machinery for filling lines.


Food sector: a spanner in the works

foodsectorMPM is not afraid to jump on a train that threatens to derail. Similarly in the food sector, where the engineering, procurement, assembly and installation of a machine has come to a halt MPM can help.


Soft skills, hard results

Keeping everything under control is an inherent feature of management. However the influence of the controlling manager is relatively small. Keeping your distance and building on people’s skills often produces hard results.


Operational set-up

A new production line can lead to disappointing results. The operational set-up in this investment project often failed to meet the goals required. MPM has a keen eye for these things and is capable of sorting it out.



onderhoudMPM spent ten months raising the Maintenance department of @ Reliability Cargill Refined Oils Europe to a higher level. An overspend of 20 percent was reduced to 0 percent.



MPM supervises brewery startups for Heineken worldwide. We are experts in the technology and standards required and can deal with cultural differences.


Advanced technology

Advanced technology (copy)MPM managed the development of a whole new system at a multinational in advanced technology. From product design to production.