Our approach

How we tackle your project


MPM Business Navigators knows how to make the difference when translating your chosen strategy into an operational reality. We have rescued many stalled processes, reduced process risks and maximised the efficiency of organisations. Our business navigators are not engineers pur sang, but they use their strategic insight, problem-solving talent and sense of humour to achieve the results that you expect.


Striking the right balance between urgency and results

MPM Business Navigators does not have a magic wand to wave. But what we will do is strike the right balance between urgency, preparations and results. We believe that adequate preparation is vital for a lasting solution to your problem. Our knowledge of the market, sector, product and people gives us the authority to bring your project to fruition effectively. And of course, we will take the load off your shoulders too.


Workable project

A strategy on the drawing board is not the same thing as a workable project, let alone a real-life solution. But we can help you to make that leap. We will put flesh on the bones of your strategy, transforming it into a coherent project. Of course, we will make sure we meet all your objectives. We will make sure the project fits into your organisation, creating support and synergy along the way.


A proven track record

We have a proven track record when it comes to quality, technology, purchasing, organisation and production. We are driven by results, and will only say goodbye once your project has been successfully implemented.