MPM shares expertise with students from TU Delft

MPM shares expertise with students from TU Delft 24-04-2017

Recently our business navigator Anton Paardekooper has been sharing his extensive MPM experience with students. He does so as a guest lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at TU Delft. . "The four-hour group sessions are intense, but thanks to the excellent interaction afterwards I am fully mentally recharged.”

Communicating the Know-how
MPM brings its expertise to companies in the technology industry to help realize their strategic objectives. Anton: "As manager you form the core of the team that deals with the strategy realization. At the TU Delft I'm more of a coach that communicates MPM knowhow to students. I combine my experience with the theory. "

Skills and behavior
"I try to share the passion that I experience as MPM partner in different companies, I explain which skills and behaviors are needed to run a professional project."

Experienced in their profession
The students will no longer be MPM partners in the making but fully-fledged  “excellent engineers, employable at a high level. These young professionals realize that they need time to mature in their profession. To be business navigator at MPM, you need to have followed all the paths - even the dead ends."