About us

A team of professionals

MPM Business Navigators is a general partnership (VOF). We currently have sixteen partners, all aged 40 years or over and with an outstanding track record. As partners we work completely independently with our clients in the engineering sector and beyond. We apply our expertise to translate your chosen strategy into an operational reality. At the same time, as partners we also make the most of the possibilities that a collective such as MPM Business Navigators offers us.


Knowledge signature

We all bring our own knowledge signature into the team of partners. We act as sparring partners for one another, and we call on one another when we need a specific area of knowledge for a project. Our clients recognise the added value of this. In complex, multi-disciplinary projects, they are pleased to have several business navigators on the project when this is necessary, because they know that we will only say goodbye once we have provided a solution. When all the objectives and standards have been achieved.


Knowledge sharing and feedback

Knowledge sharing and feedback are key objectives within MPM Business Navigators. Every meeting of the partners spotlights a case that one of the partners is working on. The atmosphere is creative and convivial as the case is explored, and each partner contributes their own knowledge signature. These constructive case meetings make working for our partnership a real privilege. And indirectly, our clients certainly reap the rewards of this method of working.


Individual business navigator

Every business navigator has strong strategic and analytical skills. Every business navigator has both feet firmly on the work floor, is a good listener and communicator, and has a keen, observant eye. With a hands-on mentality, we make sure that every one of our projects is completed satisfactorily.


Team players

We can provide added value across the engineering sector, not only as individuals but also as a team. Every business navigator is a true team player, and as a team they are perfectly attuned to one another. Combined with a vast array of collective expertise, this means short processing times. Clients can benefit from our input right away, and on large, complicated projects, we can deploy the right talent at the right time. That means that clients can feel absolutely confident about assigning complex projects to MPM.