About MPM

The team

MPM Business Navigators is a General Partnership. It currently consists of thirteen members. Seniors 40 years or older with excellent track records. As partners we operate independently within our clients’ organizations in, amongst others, the Technology industry. We use our expertise to realize strategic objectives. At the same time, as partners, we benefit from the opportunities offered by a collective such as MPM Business Navigators.

Individual business navigator

Every business navigator has developed his or her own strategic and analytical skills. We all have both feet planted firmly on the ground and have good communication skills.  Each of us is a good listener and has a keen sense of observation. With a hands-on approach, we ensure that contracts are implemented satisfactorily.

Team Players

Not only as individuals but also as a team we are able to provide added value in the Technology industry. All business navigators are real team players and well attuned to one another. Because each partner contributes his or her specific expertise to the team, MPM Business Navigators is also distinctive in its implementation of large complicated projects. the appropriate expertise is implemented at exactly the right moment. As a team MPM shares its knowledge and is a particularly good sparring partner.  Always willing to be of service to the other with constructive feedback.